QUANTUM SUICIDE: A Visual Novel in Space. Kill or be killed.

Created by Cotton Candy Cyanide

Fulfill your duty. Fall in love. Betray your friends. Get murdered by an A.I. Welcome aboard the Everett.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

March Update *cough* April.
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 02:08:09 AM

 Happy March/April Update Quantumers!

I hope all of you are well! This is going to be a very short update because not much (apart from the actual games development) is happening~ 


It was a tough decision to make - they were all soooooooooo good - but a winner had to be chosen and that winner is…. *drum roll please*


Aboard the spaceship 

A corrupted A.I. awaits 

Imprisoning souls

You had me at ‘imprisoning souls’ . . . 

So please message me via Kickstarter AngelRose and confirm with me your sizes and postage address so I can send you your prizes!

Development Progress.

Development is going well! We are waiting on only one more CG from our artist and then from here - it’s just a matter of getting the scripts translated and to the voice actors! Our Alpha testing officers are now testing half of the game and I am working day and night to get the next section completed and sent to them.

I am really happy with how the project is progressing.

I hope you are too!

If you have contacted me and I have replied - please just contact me again! I am pushing hard to get each section completed and so have been neglecting my messages and now they have piled up! It is nothing personal~ 

Can’t wait to have more good news for you in a months time!

<3 MoltenCherry 

Ai is in the air~ Every Dai I look around <3
3 months ago – Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 10:11:32 PM

 Happy Valentines Day Quantumers! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones (and this includes flying solo! Loving yourself is just as awesome, perhaps even more important - and cheaper :P)

Alpha testing progress

Alpha testing is going well - with a new build out right now for testing! To give you an idea, we are about half way through chapter 2! We are just behind the current rate that our Japanese translations are coming through! So, it is rather perfect really~

Thank you everyone again for being so patient! Your Alpha testing Officers and I are working hard to ensure the game is released in due time, and of the highest quality possible!

That being said. . . 

Beta testing in the coming months! 

As soon as we have completed the first comb over of Quantum Suicide, we will be moving onto Beta testing! This is expected to start about May(ish). A few weeks beforehand I will be sending off email to all backers with Beta Testing tiers and of those who are interested, you can get your hands (and critical eyes) on the game!

Each day, it is coming together a little more - and boy, am I getting excited!!

Shirts out to backers!

You heard right! I have shipped all the physical t-shirt rewards to the backers who bought a t-shirt. 

If you haven’t received an email confirming your postage address (I sent them out about 3-4 days ago), please email me because if your address has not been confirmed, I have not sent your shirt yet!

Pre-order lock down

Backerkit and the pre-orders for Quantum Suicide have been LOCKED DOWN!!! No more pre-orders will be taken before release - I can see the finish line in sight! It’s now just time to put my head down and work Suuuupppppeeerrr hard to get this out to the world and more importantly, to you <3 

Valentines Day t-shirt competition 

Pre-orders may have been locked down - but that doesn’t mean we are done with raising funds!

It has taken a few good weeks (and the store is still kinda broken), but allow to me announce: 


To celebrate Valentine’s Day - and our new shirt range, we are holding a competition!

Aren't they just the cutest couple? Partners dressing in theme are soooooooo cute!
Aren't they just the cutest couple? Partners dressing in theme are soooooooo cute!

From now until the end of February, we are holding a competition to create the greatest Quantum Suicide related Haiku in existence!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Haikus - they are simple poems with only three lines, with 5 syllables in the first and last, and 7 syllables in the middle. Here is an example:


Oh My God, these shirts!

Ai and Dai - So romantic.

Please take my money.

Post your Haiku in response (comments) to this update and I will share them with the world via Twitter/Facebook. 

A winner will be announced in the March Update!

And the winner will win:

The Ai and Dai shirts! (One of each design)!

Having two shirts is useful for:

  • Showing you and someone else are unashamedly friends/lovers.
  • You are cold, and hell, why not wear two shirts at once?
  • You are going to play a game of strip “anything” and wearing more than one shirt is for everyone else’s greater good.
  • Your mum’s birthday is coming up! (and the second for Mothers Day - dw, we got you covered fam!)

We care not for your reasons or purposes for the Ai and Dai shirts - just getting them into your hands!

We have started a shop on TeeSpring where you can get your Quantum Suicide shirts!

Come one come all - Available in Mens, Ladies, and Tank tops. That's right, Tank tops are their own special people.
Come one come all - Available in Mens, Ladies, and Tank tops. That's right, Tank tops are their own special people.

Now, because the shirts have the word “suicide” in them, you can't search for them - nor will they show up in my store, and I had to request each time for them to allow them, but… I have links?

Dai Shirt / Ai Shirt / CCCN BUNNY shirt

All designs are 22.99USD + postage.

And if you are of the Aussie variety and like me, have a heart attack at the price after exchange rates - I will be doing an order and bringing some to Pax - if you can wait that long <3 

Money raised from sales goes to help pay for surprise costs - like game ratings boards or Dai. 

I can’t wait to see/read some of these haikus!!

Until March update!

~Happy Valentines Day Quantumers~

<3 MoltenCherry

Christmas Update *TWITCH STREAM WOOOOO* :D
5 months ago – Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 12:34:49 AM

Hello Quantumers!!  

First the serious information (before the year review ramble)!  

Tomorrow I will be Twitch streaming for 1 hour in celebration of Xmas!  


 What is happening that makes it Xmas themed? Well, you will just have to drop by to find out why! <3     

Now, onto updates!  

Quantum Suicide is slowly coming together and I can’t thank you enough all for your patience. Our Alpha testing officers are working hard and reporting issues and bugs and each day we are getting one step closer to a final game and release!  

To give you an idea as to where we are in the Alpha testing, I have made this terribly drawn sketch to try and give you an idea!  

If you are interested in my art, DM me for commission fees.
If you are interested in my art, DM me for commission fees.

Once we have completed all alpha testing, we will begin beta testing! Beta testing should only be happening for a month and once we are close to it, I will send all Quantumers whose Kickstarter level included beta testing an email asking for their inclusion :)  

I do wish that I could move this all along faster - but I only have two hands T.T If anyone has any connections with ethically challenged robotic specialist or hell, even magical beings who can offer extra arms or clones, please send me their contact :P  

Now, onto the gooey part. (Skip here if you don’t want to read my babble).  

This year started pretty rocky. Quantum Suicide was still on permanent hold and I was constantly moving between one place to another and life was pretty messy.  

During this time, I received email after email of support from Quantumers, and I don’t think any of your can really comprehend how much that meant to me, and how that helped me push on. 

When I was told that I had the option to either leave the fray with QS and minimal property, or I could fight for what is fair but forsake Quantum Suicide’s production for years, it was an easy choice. I simply looked over these emails, the support, and my property and future stability didn’t matter anymore.  

I had something money can’t buy, and something I am so grateful to have - you.  

Fast forward to the end of 2018, and here we are. I now have a stable home, a stable income and now (and more importantly), Quantum Suicide is off hold and back into production!  

We aren’t out of the woods yet! We have lost many voice actors, artists and proofreaders during the last year but these problems now are just child’s play :P We have become stronger as a community through these trials and nothing can stop us or stop Quantum Suicide from being completed and released.  

I honestly believe with all my heart that 2019 is going to be year of the Quantumer.  


(You can get a Quantumer calendar here! One for desktop, one for phone!)  

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday period. I will be with my family in Australia celebrating Christmas how it should be - in my bathers in 30C heat having a BBQ. (Don’t worry - I am taking my computer - Christmas is no excuse for slacking!)  

<3 MoltenCherry

Novembers Update (*cough* its not December *cough*)
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 11:57:07 PM

Good Morning Quantumers!!!  

Sorry for such a slow update - after PAX AUS, I got PAX POX and was out of commission for almost two weeks (not to mention accidentally giving myself a temporary paralysis in my foot from standing in heels for three days - doctors say I should get feeling back in the next year), and so am only just catching up with the workload!!

Speaking of PAX, it went really well!! We actually got plenty of coverage and here is hoping our Quantumer family has grown (one of us! One of us!)  

Before PAX even happened - we had caught someone’s eye at Kotaku:

Senpai noticed me~ <3
Senpai noticed me~ <3

We got some love over at MAXI GEEK:  

A new convert to Visual Novels!
A new convert to Visual Novels!

And Switchaboo:  

I got interviewed! Look mum, I'm famous~
I got interviewed! Look mum, I'm famous~

And Mikendo64:  


And Gameheart :  

We made the Indie-Roundup cut :P
We made the Indie-Roundup cut :P

 And Rocketchainsaw :  

I think they are still sad about the stabbings...
I think they are still sad about the stabbings...

And others that I can not find! So, it should be written off as a success!  

Now onto the real question - how is development going?  

Short answer: Really Well!  

Long Answer: Currently, we have chapter 2 going through alpha testing! Now that may not sound good given that there are 6 chapters, but as for work count, chapter 2 is the largest! Our Alpha testers are amazing and are working so hard to get the game pristine~  

We have lost a few voice actors, however, have already recast some, with a few more being completed now!  

Our proof reader is working hard to finish all the English scripting and we currently have two Japanese translators working as fast as they can to get Quantum Suicide finished!

I still am unable to give a date for release, but I am hopeful that it should be in the first half of next year!  

I am sorry that we have had so many delays, but now with all legality issues solved, I am pushing ahead really really hard!!  

I hope all our Yanky-Doodle friends and family had a great Thanksgiving! I went to my first Thanksgiving and had pumpkin pie - I would call it a tart, it had no roof, but it was delicious!!  

I will update again before XMAS~!  

<3 MoltenCherry

October Update!!
8 months ago – Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 11:59:25 PM

 Quantumers, I hope you are all doing well! The game is slowly coming together. . . but for now, It is update time!   

Tokyo Game Show!  

Tokyo Game Show was a hit! I was joined by the cosplaying duo VeNas Japan who helped man the booth and spread the word (in JAPANESE!).  

Who can resist this bunch!?
Who can resist this bunch!?

I attempted to make the booth look like a spaceship - the back wall was even black fabric with fairy lights for stars. Wasn't the best booth, wasn’t the worse. I am not giving up my day job to get into set/stage creation any time soon! But was a blast to make :D  

Its a spaaaacccceeeship - with drinks :P
Its a spaaaacccceeeship - with drinks :P

We had 3000 decks of cards to give away as promotion items to last the 4 days - they didn’t last more than one!  

Do you have a Ai? no? GO FISH!
Do you have a Ai? no? GO FISH!

Apparently, the ‘make 10’ cards are a hit! Hopefully this will translate into more Quantumer brothers and sisters joining our ranks! :D  

Someone even stopped by, a fellow aussie, ladybeard for a hello :)  

The aussie bond... its serious 'mateship'
The aussie bond... its serious 'mateship'

Talking about conventions…  

We will be at PAX AUS this year!!  

That’s right!! You heard me!! My own country is accepting me with open arms T.T I always hoped this day would come.  

What do you mean this image looks like a 5 year old made it?
What do you mean this image looks like a 5 year old made it?

We will be in the Pax Rising section! If you are in Melbourne for Pax Aus, please stop by the booth and say hi! I will be working it along side my wonderful sister in law, who I believe will be cosplaying as Beatrix :P  


Alpha testing is in full swing and I believe coming along swimmingly! I have already corrected over 600 reported errors/mistakes and we have only gotten through the prologue and chapter 1! Chapter two (part one) will be in the hands of the alpha testers within days and I hope for another 600 mistakes to fix!! (I would rather we pick them up now than later <3) Many people have asked me how Alpha testing is going, so I have made this image from quotes from the discord channel with the alpha testing officers!

Alpha testing is a blast!!
Alpha testing is a blast!!


As the alpha testing is progressing, I have started preparing to get/order any physical rewards to they are ready to go as quickly as possible once the game is complete! I have received a “sample” copy of our physical OST, and I must say, it is beautiful.

I can't judge a book by its cover...
I can't judge a book by its cover...
Oh my, that centerfold.
Oh my, that centerfold.
An impressive caboose
An impressive caboose


My dear friends and game dev BFF’s over at YangYang mobile are currently kickstarting their latest game Love Esquire. PLEASE watch this video - that's how they got my money :P

I laughed so hard when I saw this game. And even though I am a woman, I reaaalllyyyy wanna harem and to lose my esquire virginity!! Seriously, you need to check this game out <3  


They are soooooooo close to full voice acting! If you haven’t backed and you think it looks interesting, why not head over there, drop and pledge and announce that the Quantumer army has arrived and is taking no prisoners :P  

They have 5 days left! Check them out HERE!

Happy Halloween!

For those of you who celebrate Halloween, Happy Halloween!! Funds are tight and I can’t commission any cool art - so. . . . .

Yup, its me dressed as a pumpkin. That's Halloween right? You dress as pumpkins?
Yup, its me dressed as a pumpkin. That's Halloween right? You dress as pumpkins?

See you next month Qauntumers!

<3 MoltenCherry